Local Wonder; Seasons in the Bohemian Alps is a book by former U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser in which he describes with exquisite detail and humor the place he calls home in the rolling hills of southeastern Nebraska known as the Bohemian Alps.

Local Wonders (the musical) takes us to this same home ground where, in a circle of light, the poet's and his wife’s journeys are shared with the audience.

Told in direct address to the audience, lively with anecdote, humor, poetry and song, Local Wonders celebrates the wonders just at our finger tips.  Local Wonders is a play for two performers in their 50’s and one versatile musician.

Convinced that simply looking like a poet– the Chesterfields, the armload of books– was the best way to attract women, the teenage Ted Kooser recounts his first awkward steps into actually writing poetry. Ted and his wife Kathleen savor, and grapple, with Ted’s journey as an artist, “...like a man who has lost a hubcap and is looking for it in the high grass on both sides of the road.”  Together they illuminate the longing to hold on to the slippery memories of childhood, the bittersweetness of being parents, a close observation of  the natural turn of the seasons and his fistfight with growing old. A devastating writer’s block caused by a bout with cancer is vanquished, eventually, by his astonishing observation and love of the natural world.

Local Wonders was workshopped in 2005 and subsequently produced in 2006 by the Nebraska Repertory Theatre, the professional arm of the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Support for the work has come from the Nebraska Arts Council, a Layman Grant from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Research Council and a Faculty Development Grant from Columbia College Chicago.


Visitors can now purchase the Local Wonders CD and request the manuscript exclusively from our web site.  The CD contains 12 tracks from the play featuring original music and lyrics by Paul Amandes.

The manuscript is available for free with the understanding that this script can only be performed with permission from the authors.

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